Which Proline package should you download?

Proline is a software suite composed of required and optional components that can be installed and deployed in various ways. For simplicity and convenience we packaged these modules in different distributions depending on the intended use described below.

Once installed, the getting started page will guide you through the main features of Proline.

The latest release is version 1.5 (july 2017) but previous versions are still available.

Use Proline as a simple desktop application: Proline Zero

ProlineZero is an all-in-one solution running on a workstation or a laptop for a single user. This mode is based on a zip file to extract and doesn’t require any modification of the computer’s configuration nor any administrative rights (zero installation & zero footprint on the computer configuration).

How to get started?
1. Download Proline Zero
2. Unzip it on your computer
3. Execute the file named “proline_launcher.exe”
4. Follow this tutorial

Deploy a full Client-Server infrastructure: Proline Server

The Client-Server mode is made for people seeking an efficient MS data analysis infrastructure shared by multiple users. In this mode, the different components can be installed on a single server or deployed on distinct computers, each one running a single component of the software suite.

Note: once Proline Server is up and running, a client user interface is required to connect to the server. You can install the desktop application (ProlineStudio) or the web application (ProlineWeb): see More downloads.


MS Files Toolset

Proline relies on the mzDB file format for MS data processing and visualization. We thus developed a set of tools to convert instrument vendors proprietary file format into mzDB files (raw2mzDB)  and to visualize MS data from mzDB files (mzScope).

Automation Toolset

For those of you using Proline on a daily basis, we have also developed tools to automate some tasks:  MS-Angel can be used to define workflows involving several steps such as file conversions, MS/MS searches, search results import, validation & quantification, while mzDB-Wizard can be used to batch convert raw files and upload resulting mzDB files to the server.

Sample datasets

To help getting started with Proline, examples of MS raw data and Mascot identification result files are available to download.