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Proline Release 1.5 available

Proline 1.5 is now available

This new version contains : About 90 bugs fixes, Export enhancement, determination of spectrum retention time fixes, LC-MS quantitation performance optimizations, add Folder in quantitation and identification tree, Observable Peptides column for validated proteins…

  • See full description and documentation in Support page.
  • Download all necessary modules on the specific page.

Proline Release 1.4 available

Proline 1.4 is now available !!!

This new version will contains : About 50 bugs fixes, Export and XIC Quantification improvement, ability to select/deselect quantified peptides, and more. See Support page for more details and documentation.

You can download all necessary modules on the Download page.

Proline Release 1.3 available
Proline 1.3 is now available with performance and XIC enhancement and about 40 issues fixed. See the complete Release Note and associated documentation before downloading this new version !

Announcement of the next ProFI training session

The next ProFI training session will take place in Grenoble (5-8 december 2016).

 This training session will be dedicated to data analysis using the software suite developed by ProFI, Proline. More information about the schedule of this trainning session will be given  in September .